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The crime of Assault is one of the most serious crimes under the Connecticut General Statutes. The crime of Assault is usually aggressively prosecuted by the State Prosecutors. Victims of assaults normally appear in court on a regular basis to monitor the case and let the judge know their desires when it comes time for sentencing.


Assault charges are classified as follows:


   Assault 1 - B Felony - Min 1yr to Max 20yrs

   Assault 2 - D Felony - Min. 1yr to Max 10 yrs

   Assault 3 - A Misdemeanor - Max. 1yr


Terms of probation for those convicted of Assault usually include anger management counseling, substance abuse counseling and restitution for medical bills incurred by the victim.

Many criminal assault cases are followed by civil lawsuits. The civil lawsuit is a claim for monetary damages for the injury, pain and suffering caused by the assault.


For over 50 years, the firm of Fortuna & Cartelli, PC. has represented clients charged with the crime of Assault and in representing clients sued by the victim of the assault. Given the sensitive nature of Assault cases and the involvement of the victim, it is extremely important to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney as early in the process as possible.

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