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The popularity of bicycling has increased dramatically over the last 30 years. Unfortunately many automobile and truck operators fail to appreciate and respect the rights of cyclists to use the roadways. Attorney Thomas Cartelli raced bicycles for many years and continues to ride and train on bicycles on a regular basis. We are sensitive to the claims of those injured in cycling accidents, and we are prepared to do our part to uphold cyclists’ rights.


Common types of bike-car collisions that often cause bikers to suffer injuries include:

  • Motorist entering roadway – The motorist enters the roadway from a driveway or parking spot and fails to see the cyclist until it’s too late.

  • Motorist fails to yield – The motorist fails to yield to a cyclist by either running a stop light/sign, or by stopping and failing to look both ways before continuing.

  • Motorist turning – Motorist turns left or right directly in front of the cyclist cutting them off.

  • Motorist passing cyclist – Motorist doesn’t see cyclist when passing and strikes the cyclist. The cyclist may see this before it happens, and hit something else when swerving to avoid the motorist.


Motorists and cyclists must obey the same traffic laws including many new bicycle-related laws. Ignorance of the laws is not an excuse when a motorist injures a cyclist.


At Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C., we bring more than fifty years of experience representing victims of bicycle accidents. We will fight to the` end to make sure you receive full compensation for your losses. We will go to trial and take on motorists and their insurance companies to insure you will be fairly and fully compensated.


Let us take care of every detail so you can concentrate on the most important part – your recovery. If you've been injured in a bicycle accident contact us or call us today at 860-347-5607.

Bicycle Accidents

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