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The right to confidentiality

You've probably heard of the attorney-client privilege. This means that a lawyer - or any member of his or her staff - can't reveal most things you say or show to him or her. This is true (a) if you've hired that lawyer, or (b) if you're thinking of hiring the lawyer when you communicate this information.


The right to know how your case is going

Its your case. Your attorney must answer your questions and return your calls. If your attorney receives a settlement offer from the other side, you must be told of the offer. Your attorney must ask your permission to accept or offer any amount by way of settlement.


The right to have your property safeguarded and your funds separated from the attorney's personal funds

An attorney must preserve any property, such as documents or securities, which you give to him or her. A lawyer must place any money advanced to him or her in a separate trust account. The attorney may not personally use any of this money unless already earned or with your permission.


The right to common courtesy

Nearly 60% of our business is a result of referrals from former clients. We not only protect your rights, we respect your rights.

We believe in the client's bill of rights!

The right to confidentiality client's bill of rights

Attorneys are governed by a code of high ethical standards. These standards give you, the client, certain rights, which we will talk about further down the page.

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