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Fighting for your rights in all DUI defense cases!

- Eliminate penalties

- Avoid license suspension

- Keep driving record clean

- Avoid insurance premium increase

- If there is a way out we will find it!


Every person accused of a crime should immediately seek advice of highly qualified legal counsel. The attorneys of Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C. have over 100 years of experience representing individuals accused of a crime.

Our help is only a phone call away!

Fighting for your driving rights!

You can count on our defense!

You can count on our defense criminal defense cases

A criminal record is for life. It is prudent to have legal representation from the time of arrest or police investigation through the final court disposition. Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C. will be zealous advocates of your rights under both the State and Federal constitutions.

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- DUI defense / license suspensions

- Felonies / misdemeanors

- Motor vehicle offenses

- Drunk driving defense

- Pardons

- Drug offenses

- Assaults

- Other criminal defenses

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