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Defective products find their way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers for a variety of reasons. Concerns over costs lead manufacturers to cut corners in the safety department. Products are frequently designed without adequate attention and the potential for injury even with proper use of the product.


Product liability refers to a manufacturer or seller being held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer. Responsibility for a product defect that causes injury lies with all sellers of the product who are in the distribution chain. Potentially liable parties include: the manufacturer; a manufacturer of component parts; the wholesaler, and the retail store that sold to the end consumer.


If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, a products' liability case can be filed against a variety of parties involved in the manufacturing and sale of the product.


Proving that the product was defective is the most difficult and important aspect of a products' liability lawsuit and requires the services of a variety of experts and an attorney who knows how to effectively gather and organize the crucial information. At Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C., we have the resources and experience it takes to successfully pursue a products' liability action.


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Defective Products

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