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"Attorney Cartelli was recommended to me after an arrest for DUI. He responded to my call immediately and explained the whole process to me professionally and thoroughly. He worked closely with me throughout the entire legal process which became very complicated. I followed his detailed instructions and Attorney Cartelli got my case knocked down to a lesser charge which resulted in my getting my license reinstated in half the normal time and with no harsh penalties.


He was always up front with me, honest and on time. He always told the truth and held no punches. He was in communication with me whenever I needed questions answered and prepped me thoroughly for court. It was extremely helpful that he understood the system inside and out, he was able to get me through a difficult time.

I would recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs this type of legal assistance."



"It can be a challenge for early adults to recognize the vulnerabilities and severities of situations they perceive they comfortably manage. Unfortunately, DUI is one of those common obstacles. Through this difficult time for my daughter, Tom's guidance was very helpful, accurate, concise and very much appreciated. He explained the various procedures, what to expect, timing of events and possible outcomes with both the DMV and court.

My daughter successfully negotiated this painful life lesson. Thank you Tom! Thanks again Tom!"



"In 2004 I was arrested for DUI while riding my motorcycle. I am a self-employed general contractor. The loss of my license would have had a devastating effect on my life as well as my business. I was referred to Attorney Thomas Cartelli by one of his former clients. After meeting him, it was clear that he had the knowledge, reputation and experience to save my license. Tom thoroughly reviewed my case with me and together we searched the police report until he found the inaccuracies that saved my license. I have referred others to Tom and will continue to do so."



"I am a First Responder through the local Fire Department for in a town in central Connecticut.


Unfortunately, a made a mistake one night by drinking a little too much and ended up being arrested for Operating Under the Influence in the town where I work.


I am a mother and a wife and the most important thing to me was not to lose my license. I hired Carl Fortuna, Jr. and, as nervous as I was, he calmed me down and told me to let him handle it. He did.


Somehow, Carl was able to make an argument so that I did not lose my license which probably saved me both my job and my self-esteem. He was courteous, respectful and, obviously, very helpful."



"On May 16, 2005, I was arrested for DUI. My license was under suspension at the time due to a prior DUI conviction. I faced jail time, a permanent suspension of my commercial driver's license and a three year suspension of my regular driver's license. I was referred to Attorney Thomas Cartelli by a few different people who he had helped in the past. Tom scheduled an appointment for me immediately. During our initial meeting, Tom was very informative. He clearly has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding DUI and motor vehicle laws. I retained Tom because I felt he would be dedicated to my case and do whatever was legally possible to help me.


While he worked on my case, Tom personally called me and kept me informed regarding his progress. I was never left wondering what was going on with my file. It was clear he gave my file the attention and time necessary to secure the best disposition possible.


The first hurdle we had to clear was the DUI Per Se Hearing at the DMV. We met a few times before the hearing to prepare my defense. He forced the arresting officer to deliver the video tape of my arrest to the DMV hearing. Tom made a very impressive presentation of my defense that day. As a result, my right to drive was restored. I did not miss a day of driving. My commercial driver's license was never suspended. Not only did he save my license, he saved my job.


After the DMV hearing he negotiated a very favorable settlement of the criminal matter. I did not lose my license through the court. I did not go to jail. I paid a small fine on a very minor traffic violation."


Tom saved me."



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