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Below are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we hear. For answers to more specific questions regarding your case, please contact our office directly at 860-347-5607.


Q. Will I have to go to Court?

A. Possibly - but not necessarily. Nearly all cases are settled. If you are required to testify, we will be sure to prepare you for your day in court.


Q. Why do we so frequently win favorable settlements?

A. We're always prepared to go to trial. The defendant knows about our years of experience and understands how well prepared we are.


Q. Can I afford your services?

A. We work on a contingency fee basis. No attorney fee is due until we collect money for your injuries.


Q. Suppose I've been referred by another lawyer or law firm. Does that mean my case is going to cost me more money?

A. A client never has to pay an additional fee because they were referred by another attorney to our firm. Any legal fee to be paid to the referring attorney will be paid by our firm.


Q. Will I have to get on the stand? Will the other lawyer attack me and try to break me down in cross examination? I'm not sure I could?

A. In the event you must testify, our team will have spent many hours working with you to prepare your testimony and cross examination.


Q. How long will this process take?

A. There is no certain answer. We'll move as quickly as possible. A wide range of factors can affect the resolution of your case. What helps is the fact that our knowledge and experience often make it possible for us to get to Court relatively quickly. Once there the opposing lawyers may seek a settlement early in the proceedings.


Q. How much is my case worth?

There are many factors which can affect the value of a case. Your attorney can give you his opinion of the value of your case based on prior similar cases he has handled.


Q. How long do I have to bring a case?

A. You must file your case within the Statute of Limitations, a fixed period of time dictated by the law. For an explanation of these time limits, always consult with a lawyer experienced in these matters.


Q. Will you take my case?

A. You will be notified during the office conference or shortly thereafter regarding our decision to take your case.


Please note that the above answers to these FAQ's should not be construed as legal advice as all situations differ and you should always consult the advice of an lawyer before making any decisions regarding injury claims or other legal matters referred to herein. These answers are intended to provide general information only.


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident it is important to protect your legal rights. Please call us at 860-347-5607 or contact our office.


Fortuna & Cartelli PC Aggressive, high-quality legal representation since 1954

Aggressive, high-quality legal representation since 1954.

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