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Felonies / Misdemeanors (Criminal Defense)

Every person accused of a crime should immediately seek advice of highly qualified legal counsel. For over 50 years, the firm of Fortuna Cartelli P.C has assisted clients accused of committing crimes.


A criminal record is for life.


Connnecticut's Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys and Counselors at Law - Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C. It is prudent to have legal representation from the time of arrest or police investigation through the final court disposition. Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C. will be zealous advocates of your rights under both the State and Federal constitutions. Being interviewed by the police without counsel or appearing in court unrepresented can result in an unnecessary and unfavorable disposition of your case.


Crimes are divided into two general categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors have a one-year maximum jail sentence. Felonies are deemed much more serious than misdemeanors. Felonies carry jail sentences in excess of one year.


If you are convicted of any crime, you may be sentenced to fines, community service, imprisonment, or other penalties.


Licenses and employment of several types may be terminated or forfeited.


Do You Know What You're Charged With?

Do You Know the Penalties?


Class of Crime  


Class B Felony



Class C Felony



Class D Felony



Class A


Class B


Class C



A criminal record is for life and may adversely affect your ability to secure employment or admission into college or graduate schools. Whether you are charged with a DUI, traffic violation, misdemeanor or felony in either state of federal court, Fortuna & Cartelli, P.C. has the experience, resources and reputation necessary to provide you with an aggressive and vigorous defense.


Quality and Aggressive Legal Representation since 1954.


Penalty - Imprisonment


Minimum: 1 yr.

Maximum: 20 yrs.


Minimum: 1 yr.

Maximum: 10 yrs.


Minimum: 1 yr.

Maximum: 5 yrs.


Maximum: 1 yr.


Maximum: 6 mos.


Maximum 3 mos.

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