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The conviction of a crime results in a criminal record that adversely affects one's ability to secure or maintain gainful employment. A criminal record could also prevent the issuance of certain business licenses or admission into college or graduate schools.


The only way to erase a criminal record is to obtain a Pardon from The State of Connecticut Board of Pardons. The Pardon process is the legal procedure which allows a responsible and law-abiding citizen to erase the record of a mistake made in the past. Applications for securing a Pardon require that numerous formal documents and reference letters be submitted in a very specific manner. Failing to comply with the detailed requirements of the application will result in a rejection of the application at this initial level of the process.


If the application is accepted, a formal court hearing is scheduled, and the application is brought before the members of the Board Of Pardons. The members of the Board Of Pardons decide whether the record of a criminal conviction should be erased. Therefore, it is extremely important that the proper presentation of a Pardon case is made at the hearing. Failure to appear and properly present you case at the hearing will result in the application for Pardon being denied. The denial of the application at the hearing will adversely affect you ability to reapply for another Pardon hearing.


If you have a criminal record and the desire to eliminate it, we urge you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss the options available to you under the laws of our state. What you learn during a short office conference could be the start of a new beginning.


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