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"Dear Tom, I wanted to express my thanks to you, and your office, for helping me with my legal problem. Your advice and guidance, through the difficult process of my personal injury claim, made all the difference in the outcome of the entire experience. Thank you for making me feel special. You always treated me like a friend and encouraged me to believe that the outcome would be successful. Your staff always greeted me enthusiastically and greeted me as if I were a long lost friend. They treated me with dignity and compassion, just as you did. You always answered or returned my calls; taught me about the law and its application in my case, and reassured me during the difficult moments. So, thank you for treating me like a friend. That's how I think of you! "



"From my very first phone call with Atty Cartelli, I knew he was the lawyer to help me. After a tractor trailer accident in which I was the driver of the truck, he came to my home to meet with me. He was very professonal and yet so personable. It seemed like at every turn, there was an issue that had to be overcome. He and his staff were on top of each issue and called to check in on me and advised me where things stood. They were very knowledgeable about the laws and what the other party was really responsible for. They worked very hard on my intricate case. There were many times that I talked to Atty Cartelli after hours or on the weekend. The entire staff has a "get it done" attitude. It was a great comfort to not only have his professionalism and knowledge, but to also have someone who cared about my health and well being. They did their best for me and he got me the best possible compensation. I have since moved to Las Vegas Nevada and have called him with other legal questions of which he did not hesitate to help me with. Fortuna and Cartelli are the best at what they do and should the circumstance arise, I would not hesitate to use them again! Atty Cartelli, Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are the best!"


Melanie Bennett

"In dealing even with professional individuals these days, we have found none to be as elite, confident and knowledgeable as you have shown us. You do your job extremely well. You are one of the rare professionals that we feel completely confident in saying – you go above and beyond for your clients. You proved this when you found out we were going to be in court one day for a traffic violation (totally unrelated to the case you were hired for representing our son), but yet, since you too happened to be in that same court that day, you met with us offering your services, resulting in saving us a lot of time, money and aggravation. That kind of support and selflessness is almost unheard of these days and deserves to be recognized."


Ray & Terry

Emmanuel Pattavina / Former City Council Member and Mayoral Candidate, City of Middletown, CT


"My son was the victim a series of assaults at the hands of the very State of Connecticut employees who should have been taking care of him. My son is autistic and was unable to communicate with us regarding the abuse he was suffering. We called Attorney Thomas Cartelli on a Sunday afternoon at his home to discuss the matter with him. He took the time to discuss the case with us, and we then hired him. Over a period of four years he thoroughly investigated every detail of my sons treatment and aggressively pursued the lawsuit against the State Of Connecticut. He promptly returned every telephone call we made to him and kept us advised on a regular basis as to the status of our case. The State never thought we'd prove the case and offered little or nothing for settlement. After a two-week trial, the Judge ruled in our favor for a total sum of 1.1 Million Dollars. My family and I trusted that Attorney Cartelli would do all that was legally possible to win the case and help our son. He not only won our case, but his efforts resulted in our son receiving the care and treatment he so desperately needs and deserves."


Emanuel and Connie Pattavina

"Tom Cartelli represented me in an out-of-state case involving a motor vehicle accident. While riding my bike in Maine I was struck by a dump truck, shattering my collar bone. The case was complicated as it was out of state, the police officer on the scene declined to charge the driver (even after noting he was completely at fault), the owner of the truck was in bankruptcy, and one of the witnesses declined to provide a statement. Attorney Cartelli tracked down all witnesses, obtained all records, and initiated legal action in a timely manner. Throughout the case, Attorney Cartelli and his staff kept me informed, followed up with my physician and insurance company, obtained all necessary medical information, and ensured the requirements for filing suit in Maine were followed. This was where Attorney Cartelli excelled. His persistence, calm but forceful approach to negotiations, command of the facts, knowledge of the insurer's responsibility, and careful preparation ensured a good outcome. The settlement obtained by Attorney Cartelli exceeded my expectations."



"I was involved in a bicycle vs automobile accident. Unfortunately, I was on the bicycle. As a result of the accident, I was thrown over the hood of the car, landed on the pavement and severely injured my knee. I hired Attorney Thomas Cartelli to represent me in the civil case to pursue damages for my knee injury. Tom truly appreciated the fact that the knee injury changed my way of life as it prevented me from ever competing at the same level in road running races again. Tom personally kept me informed as to the status of my case on a regular basis. I was very pleased with the way Tom handled my lawsuit and with the final settlement. Tom even went the extra mile by appearing on my behalf every time the person who hit me had a Court date in the Criminal Court for the charges he received from causing the accident. He did that for no additional fee and managed to get me $6,000.00 (over and above the insurance settlement) out of the pocket of the person who hit me. I have referred friends and co-workers to Tom and will continue to do so."



"I was a passenger in a pickup truck that spun out of control and then rolled over. I was thrown from the truck as it rolled and suffered severe shoulder injuries and broken ribs.


One of Attorney Thomas Cartelli's former clients referred me to him. After hiring Tom he quickly investigated all the possible avenues of insurance coverage and began fighting to collect for my injuries and pain and suffering. We filed a lawsuit because the insurance companies were being unreasonable and would not pay me what Tom thought my case was worth. Tom worked aggressively after the lawsuit was filed, and he personally called me on a regular basis to keep me posted as to the progress of my case.


The insurance company eventually agreed to pay me what we wanted for my injuries. I was impressed with the work Tom did for me, and I continue to call on Tom to handle any legal matter I have."




"I was involved in a very complex accident which resulted in several bones in my foot, ankle and leg being broken. A friend of mine who was also an attorney referred me to Attorney Thomas Cartelli. I was unable to travel due to my injury. Tom personally came to my house to meet with me and discuss my case. Shortly after I retained Tom as my attorney, he hired an expert witness to reconstruct the accident and testify on my behalf. We brought the lawsuit against three different people. All three insurance companies paid me for my injuries, pain and suffering."



"I was involved in an accident in Glastonbury, CT in early 2004. Though at first I did not feel badly hurt (I declined medical attention at the scene), I develop neck and back pain about one day after.


I hired Carl Fortuna, Jr. shortly thereafter. In an effort to get better, I went to several treaters, including massage therapists, chiropractors and orthopedic doctors. After I realized that I was not going to improve much more, Carl attempted to settle the case prior to instituting suit. Unfortunately, the insurance company made a very poor offer.


Carl immediately filed suit and, after taking depositions, the insurance company finally agreed to pay an amount with which I was very satisfied."




"Attorney Thomas Cartelli represented me in an automobile accident lawsuit which we filed after I was rear-ended by another car. I was referred to Tom by one of his former clients.


As a result of the accident, I sustained neck and back injuries. Due to the fact that I am a Medical Doctor, I was extremely concerned about my injuries. I wanted to be sure I would be adequately compensated for my injuries, pain and suffering. The insurance company made an offer that I felt was unfair. We rejected the insurance company's offer to settle.


The case proceeded to trial, and the jury awarded us more than the insurance company offered. Tom did an excellent job preparing for the trial, and preparing me to testify in court. I felt that he was in control during the entire court case and really kept the attention of the jury."


Dr. Wayne Franco, Medical Doctor


"We were involved in a multi-car automobile accident and hired Attorney Thomas Cartelli to represent us. We both suffered neck and back injuries. The case was rather complicated because there were a total of six people injured in the accident, and all six people were attempting to get compensation from the same insurance policy.


Of the six injured parties, our two cases settled for the most! Tom then pursued underinsured motorist claims for each of us through our own policy. We weren't even aware this type of claim was possible until Tom explained it to us. Shortly thereafter, our own insurance company settled our claims, and we received additional compensation. We were very pleased with Tom's representation."


Michael and Elizabeth

"I was riding in a car as a passenger when the driver lost control. The car left the roadway, became airborne, hit a telephone pole, then a tree, and eventually landed back on the ground.


The car was destroyed in the accident, and a helicopter airlifted me to Hartford Hospital. I suffered broken bones in my arm and shoulder. I also sustained numerous cuts and scars on my face, hands, shoulders, arms, and back. I met Attorney Thomas Cartelli when he came to see me at my home shortly after the accident. Tom gathered all the medical information he needed and took numerous pictures of my injuries and the accident scene. He worked hard on my case for nearly two years, and he always kept me informed about the status of my case.


Tom negotiated an excellent structured settlement that required the insurance company to make a large upfront payment followed by installment payments that will be paid to me on a regular basis for years to come. Tom did a great job."





"My brother was recently killed by a drunk driver while riding his bike. Aside from the trauma of this event, our family felt we needed to pursue an action against the driver.


We hired Carl Fortuna, Jr. of Fortuna & Cartelli, PC. Carl not only handled the personal injury aspect of the case in a highly professional and satisfactory manner, but he advocated for me and my family in the court proceedings against the drunk driver.


During a very difficult time, Carl and his staff provided our family with the legal services we needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Carl's office to anyone needing high quality legal representation."




"I was involved in an automobile accident recently with several other vehicles. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience pain in my left leg. Unfortunately, I have had several hip replacements in the past and while I felt my injury was related to the accident, the insurance company would not make me an offer.


I hired Carl Fortuna, Jr. for my case and he immediately gathered all my medical records and discussed my injury with the insurance company.


Without even bringing a lawsuit, Carl was able to settle the case for an amount of money that I was thought was very fair given all the circumstances. I had been referred to Carl by a fellow employee and now I know I will be referring other people to him because of the job he did for me."





"I suffered a brain injury as a result of an accident that was not my fault. The insurance company for the person who caused my injury filed numerous Court motions to try to avoid compensating me for the injuries and damages I suffered. Attorney Cartelli pursued my case very aggressively and prevented the insurance company from getting out of the case. The case finally settled. I was very satisfied and impressed with his representation."





"While riding my motorcycle on route 66 in Cobalt, CT, I was hit head on by the driver of a large 4 door sedan. The accident happened at a busy intersection. Upon impact, I was thrown approximately 30 feet, and I suffered severe ankle and back injuries.

I was rushed to Hartford hospital for emergency surgery on my ankle. Stainless steel plates and screws were used by the surgeon to reconstruct my ankle. Months later I had additional surgery to remove the hardware from my ankle.


Given the severity of my injuries, I wanted to make sure that I hired a competent and reputable attorney. I hired Attorney Thomas Cartelli. The insurance company for the driver of the car that hit me was immediately sent a legal notice that I was pursuing a claim. Attorney Cartelli and his staff aggressively pursued my case. Tom telephoned me on a regular basis to let me know what was happening with my case and to discuss the status of my medical treatment.


At first, the insurance company would not agree to pay what we thought my claim was worth. Tom felt that the case was worth the entire policy limit, and he continued to pursue the settlement. He made it quite clear to the insurance company that the case would proceed to trial unless I was adequately compensated. Tom succeeded in settling my case for the entire policy limit without filing a lawsuit.


I was very pleased with Attorney Cartelli's work."


Edward Barney



"Tom, My gratitude can never be expressed enough. Your patience and persistence paid off for me. I'll never forget it."



image 11

"It is difficult to express in words how much your kind, caring and professional attitude helped me in the aftermath of my injury. As you and your secretary Patty, expertly handled the details in my case, I was able to keep a positive attitude and stay focused on recovering the ability to walk. The settlement was greater than expected and certainly much more than would have resulted had I filed my own claim. You are the very best at what you do and it was my good fortune that you were to help me."


Angela Rose


"Imagine being at work in Hartford, getting a phone call from Atlanta, Georgia to tell you your sister died at the local hospital the night before. We felt the hospital was at fault for her death, and we were extremely upset that the hospital did not notify any family members of our sister's death.  Unable to drive with tears streaming down my face and screams not coming out, I ran to Tom Cartelli's office in the rain. Tom worked on my sister's case from the moment I walked through his doors, Monday through Sunday.  I was never surprised to receive a call on a Saturday to discuss my sister.  In an irreversible situation, he gave my family power and my sister a voice. His competence in handling this case was better than any shoulder to cry on.


It is equally important that I mention the support received from his office staff (Patty). If Tom was in court, she often held my hand over the phone. Always taking the time to hear me cry and to hear me vent. There were times I was just too depressed to make appointments. Tom would bring the paperwork to my home. We had no worries. Tom was more than capable of addressing each despicable wrong doing and form of neglect. We were very pleased with the final resolution of our case. My family's gratitude can't be measured....With admiration and respect I share our story."



Attorney Cartelli,

I wish to sincerely thank you for all of your help and support with my case.  You were diligent and knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with.  You made yourself available to me whenever I had questions or concerns and I felt highly confident with you by my side in the courtroom.  I know your expertise was paramount to the favorable outcome of my case.  I will always be grateful.

Many thanks,



I am deeply grateful to Attorney Cartelli for his professional service in representing me. He had the client's best interest at heart and worked tirelessly. He was always available to talk and to discuss and he is very knowledgeable. I felt fortunate to have his support and help in going through the process. Thank you. David

Many thanks,


T. Cartelli